Read About Beth’s Inspirational Story From Addiction to Recovery

But, predictably, addiction eventually became part of her painful reality. This memoir tells of her painful descent from depression into drug addiction and, eventually, how she broke free. Despite its dark beginning, this is ultimately a hopeful book that inspires readers to root for her throughout.

Hunter Biden decries ‘weaponization’ of his drug addiction – The Washington Post

Hunter Biden decries ‘weaponization’ of his drug addiction.

Posted: Thu, 02 Nov 2023 18:13:38 GMT [source]

Still gripped by her addiction, Becki’s primary concern was finding somewhere warm to stay. This prompted her to enter a residential treatment program. Kate had no interest in becoming sober until she lost everything. Hitting the proverbial rock bottom, Kate ended up living on the streets after losing her friends, her family and going to jail due to a crack cocaine addiction. However more important things I’ve derived from sobriety are that I’ve learned to rely on a higher power. I’ve also learned that sobriety is about taking the good with the bad.

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Ms. Gray tackles this misconception by presenting tools that helped her through the first month of her recovery. She explores moments like crying uncontrollably, taking long baths, and learning to recognize her addictive voice, Ms. Davidson said. But stories like “Stash” can help reduce stigma around addiction, he said. “Early on, I was staying sober because of my father. I started volunteering at an addiction treatment facility. Jules’ recovery has been as much about finding herself and living her truth but rather about reclaiming her life from alcoholism.

  • At this point, I still didn’t think I had a drinking problem.
  • During the most unsettling time of my life, I craved all the messy, tragic, complex, wonderful stories that could show me what was on the other side.
  • She explored sobriety originally because a best friend decided to stop drinking and she found she was envious of her choice.

The fact that I’m still breathing, that I’m still here… It’s really easy to write off the big things and focus on the small things. And the more that I honor the value that I’m bringing to people’s lives, the easier it is for me to stop making bad decisions. It’s been very centering and sobriety stories very sobering — that’s the best word I can use. I never really felt like I had a choice in social situations or the people I was around. I couldn’t really sort through who I actually wanted to be around because I felt like I was just along for the ride and I wasn’t really in charge.

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I say no so much I think my family is surprised when I say yes to anything. I feel like I bring value instead of being a burden. I feel lighter and heavier at the same time if that makes sense. It can be about losing relationships you once thought were indestructible but with therapy and sobriety don’t make sense anymore. I’m afraid that people who knew me before sobriety wouldn’t think I’m funny, or talented, or someone they wanted to be around anymore. Sitting with your feelings can be the worst fucking thing in the world, but it can also be liberating, freeing.

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